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Baumkerzen, Waldorf Ring, Chime or Spell Beeswax Candles  - Montessori Beeswax Candles. 100% pure beeswax, no paraffin, no chemicals, no additives. Pack of 10.


Each hand dipped, beeswax candle will burn smokeless & dripless (if not tilted to the side).    Made with 100% pure New Zealand beeswax and a genuine square braid cotton wick in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with aroha. 



Baumkerzen, Ring, Chime Candles - Hand Dipped

  • Our beautiful beeswax candles have a gentle honeyed scent that comes from the pollen and nectar of the hundreds of different wildflowers the bees visit.  Pure 100% beeswax candles have long been known as a natural air purifier and their negative ion effect can improve our mood, energy and health.  They can be beneficial to those with environmental allergies, sensitivities and asthma.


  • Pack of 10

    Dimensions (approx.): 1.5cm (d) 11cm (h)

    Estimated burn time: 4-5hrs

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