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Baumkerzen, Waldorf Ring, Chime or Spell Beeswax Candles  - Montessori Beeswax Candles. 100% pure beeswax, no paraffin, no chemicals, no additives. Pack of 4.


Each hand dipped, beeswax candle will burn smokeless & dripless (if not tilted to the side).    Made with 100% pure New Zealand beeswax, over dipped with natural candle dye and a genuine square braid cotton wick in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with aroha. 



Advent Baumkerzen, Ring, Chime Candles - Hand Dipped

  • Our beautiful beeswax candles have a gentle honeyed scent that comes from the pollen and nectar of the hundreds of different wildflowers the bees visit.  Pure 100% beeswax candles burn longer, cleaner, and brighter than other types of candles. These candles are unscented, featuring only the clean, natural, sweet aroma of pure beeswax and honey as it is harvested from our beehives and other beekeepers in the Bay of Plenty.  They can be beneficial to those with environmental allergies, sensitivities and asthma.

  • Pack of 4

    Dimensions (approx.): 1.5cm (d) 11cm (h)

    Estimated burn time: 4-5hrs

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