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Toku korero - My story…

Like many working parents I’m busy juggling work, home, garden, bees, the chandlery, oh & life.  Finding time for just me was never high on the priority list & my wellbeing routine.  Test burning some hand dipped taper birthday candles one day gave me the opportunity to just stop & take a break & do that, it was a real 'aha' moment.  As I’m learning te reo māori, I looked for what that ‘pause’ translated to that would connect me to this beautiful country I now call home.  The Māori word ‘Whakangā, means to take breath, inhale, catch breath, rest, refresh or relax, & thus Whakangā was conceived.

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For me the gift of time is wonderful, Whakangā is designed to give you or someone you love a reason to carve out time in your day dedicated to you!  With 21 hand dipped candles in the set, lighting & burning a candle every day to support a mindful moment whether that be reading, journaling, practicing yoga, meditating or even sharing time together as a family, the choice is yours is just the beginning or part of your mindfulness journey.


  The handmade ceramic kawakawa leaf holder was again another connection to Aotearoa, Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) & Ranginui (Sky Father).  Kawakawa (macroppiper excelsum) is a native herbaceous shrub with knobbly joints & branching stems, it has heart shaped leaves that are slightly glossy & dark green.  The shrub is a very important one in Māori tikanga, playing a huge part in wellbeing & medicine.  The collaboration with Terrosa Pottery to create the leaf holder was a natural one as we work together by day!



Before Whakangā was launched, our local Iwi blessed the work & the connection to the each of the elements including Papatūānuku & Ranginui.  This was an important milestone for me being non Māori but feeling an unexplainable mana atua to this kaupapa.  Immense gratitude to Marama Tauranga, Graham Cameron-Bidois & Shaan Kingi for your guidance & support.


Hand dipping the Whakangā candles is a pleasure, I really love the mindfulness of creating these precious gold gifts that last for 20 minutes of drip free burn time pleasure.

To me Whakangā means an opportunity to stop, connect & take time for yourself.  Every set with a kawakawa left holder & 21 candles is made with aroha & manaaki, they bring a huge smile to my face when putting them together, knowing what a difference they can make to people’s journey into mindfulness & wellbeing.  I hope people enjoy them as much as I do making them.

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